My passion for needlework, love of detail and appreciation of colors are the defining characteristics and components of my line of accessories. Even as a young child I enjoyed working with needle and thread. The love of handiwork is a common trait in my family - my grandmother was extremely talented in stitching, knitting and sewing. She passed her knowledge on to my mother and she in turn shared it with me.

I started out creating cake-shaped handbags with felt before I moved on to keyring pendants in the shape of petit fours. Since I love flower blossoms in spring and summer I started making orchid brooches from silk and other materials. For the fall season I created other accessories, most notably acorn-themed brooches, necklaces and hair ribbons.

I am also fascinated by miniatures which led me to painting animals by hand on small pieces of jewelry: lockets, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Many such objects are unique pieces created according to customers’ wishes from pictures they provided.  I would love to paint a picture of your pet on a locket.